Single Defender Essences

1.       Defender from the Dark- Pleurothallis phalangifera

In response to a perceived global energetic challenge, this orchid called out to be made into an essence in early October 2010. The second part of the botanical name Pleurothallis phalangifera translates as "phalanx-bearing" meaning the orchid spike looks like it is carrying a small phalanx of soldiers. A dream-time image which came to Don repeatedly one night about this essence was of hundreds of elves with their bows on their shoulders, marshalling their forces, preparing for battle. And indeed the orchid looks reminiscent of that Tolkien-like image. There is a sense with this orchid that, while it knows the dark, it is not of the dark. Embodying deep goodness of being, it is nevertheless not naive about the threat posed at times by dark forces. There is an old adage in American football, that the "best defense is a good offense"; this essence provides both clearing of and protection from high levels of dark energies through its determined opposition to their intentions.    An exceptional aspect of this essence is the fact that immediately upon making, it made clear to us that it wanted to be combined with several other essences. Rather than the one-size-fits-all approach, this essence wanted a mini-series of Defender combinations to come into being, to enable people to fine-tune the best type of protection they or a client might need. For fuller information, please see our Combinations page.

Combination Defender Essences

The following combination essences are made with Defender from the Dark and combined with other essences. These are also available as sprays. See our Defender Essence Sprays page for more information.

2.       Celestial Defender

Celestial Siren is like a gentle inner call to experience the divine; yet in the experience of high levels of meditation, there is some risk of leaving one's core unprotected while engaged in the transcendental journey. This essence leaves one protected and watched while the activity of celestial Siren is enhanced due to the presence of a protected space. On a more mundane level, one is likely to feel a clearing of one's head when taking this essence.

Contains: Defender from the Dark, Celestial Siren.


3.       Defend and Protect

There is a kindredness of spirit between Defender from the Dark and Protective Presence. Both orchids display a fierce attentiveness, warding off malign influences. When one is faced by external negative entities, this is a very powerful combination to provide protective armouring for our spirit. It helps to re-energise our determination to move forward on life�s difficult paths, with a deeper sense of our true worth. The signature of the Protective Presence is that of ancient symbolic and protective spirits of the Chinese dynasties, and the "wrathful deities" of Tibetan paintings. Defender from the Dark complements this energy entirely, making it yet more effective.

Contains: Defender from the Dark, Protective Presence.

4.       Defend Protect & Purify

This essence helps to cleanse the etheric body of low-level entities which may have attached themselves to one, especially since the period of August 2010 which gave rise to the creation of the Defender from the Dark essence.

The essence can be usefully applied topically, as well as taken orally.

Contains: Joyful Purification, Defender from the Dark, Protective Presence.

5.       Defender of the Light

Defender of the Light a combination of Defender from the Dark and Violacea Veritas, and it is useful in that the powerful impact and expansion of the 3rd eye (brought about by Violacea Veritas) may in some instances lead to a person being exposed to probes of negative energy which can disturb the psyche. This combination allows the activity of Violacea Veritas to take place under a sort of protective canopy, enabling a transformative experience from the essence. One is likely to notice a pronounced awakening of the 3rd eye / brow chakra, and a strong sense of alertness.

Contains: Defender from the Dark, Violacea Veritas.

6.       Defender of the Source

Defender of the Source is a combination of Defender from the Dark and Source of Life. The latter is a profound essence which awakens the beauty of the second chakra, helping us to express our true sexual nature. However, as sexual energy has its dark side the action of Source of Life benefits from the inclusion of Defender from the Dark in providing the sacral area with protection against interfering dark energies. This essence seems to act like a guard to the gateways to the soul.

Contains: Defender from the Dark, Source of Life.


7.       Shadow Defence

Shadow Defense is a combination of 3 essences: Defender from the Dark, Pushing Back the Night and Shadow Warrior. The latter helps us to not have our shadow side be dominant in our daily life, whilst Pushing Back the Night brings a powerful temple of energetic support to this process through strengthening & heightening our inner alignment. Defender from the Dark provides protection to this inner process, preventing exterior dark influences from interfering. In other words, this essence combination provides us with protection against both inner and outer shadow elements.

If further support is found to be needed, then Spike Thorn from the Platbos African Tree Essence range is highly recommended.   

Contains: Defender from the Dark, Pushing Back the Night, Shadow Warrior.

8.       Vital Defence


Vital Defence is a combination of Defender from the Dark and Vital Core. Vital Core has a close affinity to the "sacral gates" (energy receptors just below the lower back) and therefore has a rekindling effect on the Ming Men. Vital Core helps to clarify shadow aspects of the 2nd chakra, and so this combination can be seen as a useful adjunct to Defender of the Source. These essences are all related to the increased need for awareness of the soul's true purpose without the clutter of the baggage which we invariably carry.


Contains: Defender from the Dark, Vital Core.