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I am Woman, I am Man.... Hear my Roar

 When the Woman in the household or workplace is happy, everyone is happy?


We all require the all essential healing Soul search for inner balancing ME time (Nuggets), whether it is a weekly or monthly gift, of a precious jewel to self, to recharge, restore and renew.


 Nuggets available:

I am Woman,  I am Man, Hear me Purr, Hear me Roar: Unique and individual healing sessions may include any one of/or an exciting combination of the below, geared for Your Healing, Uniqueness and Rejuvenation.

See group wellness workshop options available

Professional Business &/or Life Coaching

1.   Business and Life Coaching, using NeuroLinguistic Programming and NeuroSemantics - see for details

 Bodyology  (Reading and accessing the body for managing both challenges and resources)

2.   Reflexology(Foot Massage)

3.   Aromatherapy 

4.   Reiki (Usui Reiki Enersense, Eastern Lineage, your natural energy flow)

5.   Indian Head Massage

6.   Aura Readings

7.   Face Profiling

8.   Science of Numbers (Tantric/Akara) Numerology - Tantric means light and dark; the beauty of Akara Numerology is  that it creatively and compassionately sees each person as a hologram between blessings and tasks, gifts and duties, karma and dharma. There is a magic realm where your best melts into your challenge, your light heals your shadow and your power transforms your nemesis, creating an empowering alchemy. When you work this system, you swiftly gain a heart-centered understanding of self, friends and colleagues.

9.  Orchid Essences - sublime purity and food for the soul, see, for more about these fascinating healing essences

 Nugget Investment options: (paid in advance to secure your booking)

All options include the use Orchid Essences, suited to compliment sessions

Terms: Less than 24 hours notice for cancellation or no shows, are forfeited.  The above prices exclude time and travel costs to your offices, should this be required.

 Book your Nugget: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As a  woman, gifted with an Intrinsic Essence and Primal nature of being a Woman, by accessing your Inner Voice, Abundance, Prosperity and Grace, you regain Your Birthright,  Nobility, Grace, Compassion, and the Joy of Life

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